It is about more than just the chicken

There is a strong demand from professionals and the public to reduce all antibiotic usage in livestock production. The traditional approach of using antibiotics to kill individual pathogens to prevent diseases has been proven inefficient. A healthy, balanced gut microflora offers protection from pathogens such as for example clostridia. Additionally, it can make production more efficient by improving feed conversion. To achieve the maximum effect, it is crucial not to rely on one single approach but tailor the solution perfectly. One complete solution has been accomplished by Kemin assuring mucosal integrity and efficiency with FormylTM and ButiPEARLTM, while balancing intestinal microbial population through CLOSTAT®. Then the animals can use their maximum potential to grow, further assisted by Lysoforte® and Kemzyme® in terms of optimal digestion of nutrients from the diet.

Why are we talking about antibiotic reduction?
The public and professionals in the health industry are both calling for livestock production to use fewer antibiotics. While AGPs are banned across the European Union, therapeutic antibiotics are equally under review. The positive effect of a forced reduction of therapeutic antibiotics is that animal nutrition increases in importance. Nutrition is now seen as the way forward for profitable animal production. Vaccination programs and nutrition-based health strategy should be developed to protect the animals from both infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Kill every living organism but the chicken – the traditional approach to production
The traditional approach to disease management was vaccination, but mainly a heavy use of antibiotics and substances with similar effects like zinc oxide in the feed to reduce the number of all potential pathogens. Whether the approach was heavy use of acidifiers to decontaminate feed from Salmonella, or if it was application of preventative antibiotics to decrease disease risk from gram positives such as clostridia in intensive livestock production; it led to very efficient production. Often AGP’s (antibiotic growth promotors) were used as well. However, this came with a very large antibiotic usage per kilo of final product like meat or eggs.

Promoting a healthy microflora for the benefit of the chicken – the modern approach
Today’s approach is by contrast to work with the intestinal flora. Across all animal species (including humans), the intestinal microbiome is under extensive research. Some scientific groups have even referred to it as the hidden metabolic organ. The intestinal microbiome is known to have a strong influence in the physiology, metabolism, nutrition and immune function of the animals. Any changes in these populations can have major consequences, both beneficial and negative, for the health. The majority of microbes living within the animals are not pathogenic. Problems occur when undesirable groups, for example clostridia overgrow beyond their unproblematic, normal levels. This situation, known as “dysbiosis” or “dysbacteriosis”, can result in a variety of disease conditions. Therefore, animals with a diverse and well developed intestinal microbiome have better chances of a healthier life. Additionally, they have a better chance to grow to their full genetic potential being more resistant to diseases.

Reducing antibiotic is more than less antibiotic per animal
Efficiency in terms of antibiotic reduction can be promoted further by efficient nutrient use. If animals grow healthily, to their full potential, the usage of antibiotic per kilo of final product is much reduced. So for optimal results both in terms of health and economics, it is crucial to enable animals to grow efficient and with a well-balanced microflora. This encourages a natural protection again disease outbreaks.

Kemin has made this complete approach a commercial reality
Many academic approaches promise protection from a specific pathogen or disease. However how compatible they are with common medication such as anti-coccidials, acidifiers or indeed other health products is rarely considered. A complete solution has been accomplished by Kemin by on one hand maximizing nutrient digestibility and absorption (LYSOFORTE®, KEMZYME®) and on the other hand ensuring a balanced intestinal microbial population through CLOSTAT®. Mucosal integrity is ensured by the use of ButiPEARLTM, and gastrointestinal health can be improved with the use of encapsulated organic acids such as FormylTM 2B. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. (