Video: "Phytate, phytase and calcium interactions"

Presenter: Dr C. Roselina Angel
Associatie professor, Department of Animal & Avian Sciences, University of Maryland, USA


Key learning points:

• How much calcium different types and doses of phytase releases, and the impact on the bird
• The calcium: available phosphorus ratios that broiler diets should be formulated to and how this can change with the bird’s age
• The impact of formulating with lower levels of calcium to reduce wet litter and how phytase application can impact.

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Dr C. Roselina Angel
Associate Professor, Department of Animal & Avian Sciences, University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Angel joined the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at as an Assistant Professor in 1998. She received her BS (Animal Science), MS (Animal Nutrition) and PhD (Poultry Nutrition) degrees from Iowa State University. Prior to joining the University of Maryland, she was Nutrition Research Manager at Purina Mills. Her current research focuses on improving nutrient retention and reducing nutrient waste in broilers and laying hens through the use of feed additives, feed nutrient changes, and proper selection of ingredients.

Dr Angel has a large body of published work in referenced journals, is an Associate Editor for the Metabolism and Nutrition Section of Poultry Science and has published five book chapters. She has also presented over 80 abstracts and conference proceedings, and has won several industry awards for her work.


-       A greater understanding of the action of different types and doses of phytase on phytate at different stages of digestion, specifically at low PH