Video: "Action of different phytase types & doses in different segments of the broiler digestive tract"

Presenter: Dr. Loek de Lange
Manager Poultry Cluster, Schothorst Feed Research


Key learning points:

• If some phytases act early in the digestive process on phytate degradation, why are high doses of those phytases recommended ?
• If it is not possible to estimate how much calcium a specific phytase will release during digestion, how can the minimal calcium requirements be properly calculated?
• What effect do various phytases have (besides digestion) on utilization of dietary amino acids?

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Dr. Loek de Lange

Manager Poultry Cluster, Schothorst Feed Research
Dr. Loek de Lange, currently Manager Poultry Cluster and Senior Consultant at Schothorst Feed Research, graduated with a Master of Science in Animal Husbandry from Wageningen University in the Netherlands in 1979. From 1998 to 2013, he worked at De Heus Voeders BV, first as Research and Development Manager and latterly as Corporate Manager – Quality Assurance and Knowledge, specializing in both roles on animal nutrition and intestinal health. He left to take up his current position at Schothorst, an independent, state-of-the-art research and consultancy institute for animal nutrition. The Poultry Cluster for which he works carries out nutritional research in broilers, turkeys, laying hens and breeder hens. Dr. Lange’s role is to guide customers to develop profitable, innovative and socially acceptable feed concepts, looking at formulation, production methods and quality assurance.

Dr Lange is a member of the advisory research committee of the Dutch Product Board for Animal Feeds and has spoken at numerous conferences including APSS in Sydney, Australia and the Arkansas Poultry Nutrition Conference in Rogers, Arkansas USA,


-       A greater understanding of the action of different types and doses of phytase on phytate at different stages of digestion, specifically at low PH