Video: "Choosing the right phytase to improve sodium pump function, reduce the catabolism of amino acids and increase protein and glucose uptake"

Presenter: Ha Hong Truong
Postgraduate Researcher, Poultry Research Foundaction, University of Sydney


Key learning points:

Ha Hong Truong, Poultry Research Foundation, University of Sydney, shares highlights from  several new/ recently published studies that examine the impact of sodium digestibility particularly on glucose in four segments of the small intestine. She concludes that certain types of phytase can increase glucose and protein absorption by reducing the catabolism of amino acids.

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Ha Hong Truong

Postgraduate Researcher, Poultry Research Foundation, University of Sydney
Ha Hong Truong, is a PhD candidate at the Poultry research foundation, Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney , having graduated with an Honours degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience from there in 2013.

Her thesis entitled “Starch utilization and glucose absorption in broiler chickens with emphases on phytase enzyme, sorghum grain and whole grain feeding” is being completed under the supervision of Adjunct. Professor. Peter Selle and Dr. Sonia Liu. She has also recently had two highly acclaimed peer reviewed papers on phytase impact on sodium digestibility published


-       A greater understanding of the action of different types and doses of phytase on phytate at different stages of digestion, specifically at low PH