Heat Stress

Heat stress occurs when an animal’s heat load is greater than its capacity to lose heat. It can cast a shadow over the performance and profitability of livestock production. In this special issue we share effective approaches to mitigate heat stress and feature nutritional interventions that prevent damage in extreme climates or hot spells in moderate climates.

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Photo: Adisseo

Getting to the heat of the matter!

Heat stress is responsible for large economic losses in animal production around the world. Producers can play a...

Editorial articles

Planting trees needs a long term vision, as they don't offer an immediate solution, trees need time to grow. Photo: Hans Prinsen

Using nature to tackle heat stress

The Dutch initiative Trees for Cows has planted over 114,000 trees since the year 2000. Their long term goal is...

Misting systems to make the barn climate more pleasant during extreme summers, are popular, but it is very wise to continuously measure the relative humidity in the barn. Photo: Henk Riswick

Heat stress kicks in at 21°C

Some parts of the world, especially moderate climates, heat up more than others as a consequence of climate...

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Feeling the heat

What is your first response when you are feeling too warm? Do you reach for a cold drink, seek out shade or put...