Poultry World webinar on Sustainable Poultry Farming

About this webinar:

There is no way around it, poultry production needs to be as sustainable as possible. That is why Poultry World organizes its webinar on Sustainable Poultry Production on the 11th of November. In this webinar we want to shed a light on the different aspects of sustainability and there are many. Managing environmental pressure is one, but there is also the aspect of animal welfare and economic future proof farming. Our speakers will focus on sustainability thru nutrition, health and management and we will show -by example- the most sustainable layer farm in the world. Tune in and learn all about this hot topic. 









Mrs. Grete Brunsgaard, Head of Product development, application, and quality assurance at R2 Agro A/St 

"Natural performance enhancers in broiler production"

 Since the ban of feed antibiotics by the EU in 2006, there has been an intensive search for sustainable feed additives which are able to maintain or even improve animal health and animal performance. Natural compounds produced by plants are candidates in this respect. Plants are producing a great variety of secondary metabolites, and some of these secondary plant metabolites have been shown to exert beneficial effects on broilers. This presentation gives a look into the possibilities of using selected botanical ingredients to support broiler production.




Lukas Bauer, Manager Technical Consultancy at Evonik

 "GuanAMINO®: The impact of Guanidinoacetic acid supplementation on the profitability and sustainability of broiler production"

  • Introduction: Profitability and sustainability of animal farming are the main drivers for Evonik’s animal nutrition product portfolio
  • The Life Cycle Assessment framework for GuanAMINO’s LCA evaluation
  • Cradle to Liveweight LCA of GuanAMINO in two different scenarios and two different regions
  • The positive impact of GuanAMINO supplementation in broiler diets on animal welfare, health aspects and profitability

Lukas Bauer received his bachelor's degree and master's degree in agricultural sciences, focusing on animal nutrition and feed production, from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He started his professional career in January 2017 as a technical support manager at Evonik's Animal Nutrition business line in Hanau, Germany. In 2020, Lukas took over the position of global technical consultant for GuanAMINO®. His main task is to translate results from scientific trials of GuanAMINO® into practical customer solutions to improve the profitability and sustainability of animal production.



Ruud Zanders, Founding Partner Kipster

"Revolutionary farming"

  • Role of animals in feeding the world
  • Animal welfare
  • How to put your vision into practice

Ruud Zanders grew up on a Poultry Farm and studied economics at Wageningen University. He had his own largescale poultry farms. A personal crisis led him to change his thinking. Since 2008, he has focussed on sustainable, relatively small scale, ecological and higher welfare animal production. His latest project, together with 3 partners, is Kipster: a revolutionary poultry farm that will produce higher welfare eggs and meat. There will be a minimal pressure on the environment. Kipster aims to be an example for the role of animals in a worldwide, sustainable food system.





Fabian Brockotter



Webinar host
Fabian Brockötter, host and editor Poultry World

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