CCPA Group Company Profile

The CCPA Group, a union of cooperatives, has specialised in animal nutrition and health for more than 50 years. It offers its customers, both in France and overseas, through its subsidiaries, a wide range of innovative product solutions (feed solutions, farm specialities, functional ingredients), as well as services and expertise (animal species specialists, nutritionists, formulators, technologists, digital solutions, etc.). Its major challenges are to innovate to improve the competitiveness of the livestock sectors and advance the nutritional and health quality of livestock products, building in the expectations of society in terms of human health and protection of the environment. The CCPA Group is one of the leading players in France in private research into animal nutrition, boasting an animal chemistry and biology laboratory of 1,500 m² (Artémis), an R&D department, a monogastric research station (Euronutrition SAS) and a network of reference farms. More about CCPA Group