Poultry World webinar on Sustainable poultry farming

The latest Poultry World webinar will focus on Sustainable poultry farming. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind in our industry, but the subject is so broad, that it’s not so straightforward as it seems. In our webinar we bring theory into practice. By example, 3 speakers will show what sustainable poultry production means to them and how we can actually become more sustainable. We move away from broad statements about sound production and share actual results in day to day poultry farming.

We all underpin the global drive towards a more sustainable production. As the poultry sector provides almost 40 percent of the meat consumed worldwide, it has a major part to play in global sustainable development. A commitment the International Poultry Council (IPC) affirmed and which is promoted globally by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our speakers will share their experiences in bringing these goals into practice. They will focus on managing the farm, the flock and the disease threats to support a more sustainable production of a sector that already is able to produce an enormous quantity of animal protein, with a relatively low impact on our planet.

Marco Aurélio Elmer Lopes

Veterinary, by Universidade de São Paulo

Role of Gumboro protection on the broiler’s health, and the correlation with results”

The presentation is based on how Gumboro Disease infection (clinical or sub-clinical) affects the broiler’s health. Nowadays, the most common form is named “sub-clinical” Gumboro Disease, and which clinical signs are not easily perceptible, therefore it is important to monitor all the links in the production chain. Some of the benefits from the complete disease control come from the field and some of them from the slaughterhouse. However, the most important is that the broiler flock will be better protected, and able to keep healthy. Once the flock is healthy, it is able to perform good results.

José M. Ros

Poultry Specialist at AB-Neo

“What to sustain in broiler production?”

Broilers are the most efficient farm animals on lands! No other livestock can compete with them when it goes to feed conversion rate and productivity. Nevertheless, many experts believe that modern broiler farming around the world is still far from a sustainable model. If it is true, why is that? To answer this question, we need to grasp the true meaning of a sustainable system in broiler production and see what can be done more or even what not to do anymore to create a sustainable development in broiler production.

 Drs. Gerwin Bouhuis

Owner at Nijkamp Raalte

 “Growing concept broilers sustainably”

Welfare and enviromentally friendly production is what comes to mind when one thinks of sustainability. But this only has a sound future if the business model is economically sustainable too.


Fabian Brockötter

host and editor Poultry World