AI prompts EU to block poultry from Ukraine

24-01-2020 | | |
AI prompts EU to block poultry from Ukraine
AI prompts EU to block poultry from Ukraine

Ukraine has said that the EU has banned exports of its poultrymeat in light of the discovery of H5N8 in the country.

In a notice posted on Ukraine’s State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection website, a spokesman said that poultry meat and thermally processed poultry products were prohibited, but eggs and egg products were not subject to the ban.

Ukraine said it reported its avian influenza case in line with its obligations as part of the World Trade Organisation and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).


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It also implemented control measures in line with international protocols, including a protection zone and the humane culling of the affected flock.

“Work with international trading partners is ongoing,” the statement said. “In particular, negotiations were started with the EU to agree on positions on the mutual recognition of zoning principles in line with the OIE international standard.”

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist