Ceva holds ‘State of the Art’ Summit at VIV Asia 2015

06-03-2015 | | |
Ceva  State of the Art  Summit at VIV Asia 2015
Ceva State of the Art Summit at VIV Asia 2015

Ceva’s poultry, swine, services & equipment teams will focus on what is ‘State of the Art’ in animal production during the VIV Asia international trade show to be held in Bangkok from March 11th – 13th 2015.

As a growing population and exploding middle class in Asia creates more demand and a world of opportunities, sustainable growth also brings new challenges including how to double animal protein production using less non-renewable resources and stop the spread of zoonosis and pandemics in an increasingly mobile world.

The capacity to adapt quickly to this fast moving environment is critical. Ceva believes that innovation is triggered by our customers’ needs to react to and manage these changes on a daily basis. The circle is complete, when ‘state of the art’ solutions are applied by our customers in the field to simplify production challenges.

With up to 500 key customers directly invited to VIV Asia by Ceva, the company will use the occasion to propose ‘lunch & learn’ sessions to detail ‘State of the Art’ strategies for controlling  major diseases impacting production such as IBD and Newcastle disease in poultry and Enzootic pneumonia and pleuropneumonia in swine.

A ‘State of the Art’ seminar on March 10th at the Centara Grand Hotel will be opened by Dr Yukon Limlamthong, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of Thailand and showcase “state of the art” techniques and strategies used in the management of poultry diseases (Salmonella, Gumboro, Newcastle), layer ventilation and reproductive performance in swine.