FEFANA celebrates 50 years in business at SPACE

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FEFANA celebrates 50 years in business at SPACE
FEFANA celebrates 50 years in business at SPACE

Further harmonisation of Europe’s comprehensive feed additive legislation will be, amongst other things, one of the major tasks for FEFANA in the years to come.

This opinion was voiced by Dr Didier Jans (left on the picture) and Marco Bruni (right), respectively secretary general and president of FEFANA, the European association of the industry of specialty feed ingredients (SFIs) and their mixtures. The organisation celebrates its 50th birthday this year and is well represented at SPACE in Rennes, France.

Bruni acknowledged the EU framework of feed additive legislation as ‘a fundament in terms of legislation’. Obtaining market authorisation, however, is not an easy road for companies –  which often have to go through lengthy procedures before products can be sold in the EU.

Referring to additional third country legislation, with regard to eg. hygiene, he said: “Companies still come across different regulations, the rules are different everywhere. We try to harmonise this trend, in order to make trading rules apply to everyone. We think of common rules for everybody. That is what we dream of  and what we are already working on.”

Jans added: “One more development I can see it is in the balancing of functions. At the moment, when it comes down to food safety, there is a balancing of functions – the European Commission as risk manager body – decides, the EFSA – as risk assessor – performs the independent scientific assessment. There is a separation of roles and that is good. Now it is also time that a more proportionate approach is taken, looking after the needs of the market.”

SPACE is held 10-13 September, in Rennes, France.

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