Gumboro disease specialist visits Hipra headquarters

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Gumboro disease specialist visits Hipra headquarters
Gumboro disease specialist visits Hipra headquarters

Daral Jackwood, specialist in Gumboro disease with over 20 years experience in this field, visited Hipra’s headquarters in Girona, Spain and took part in a work group with a team of Hipra investigators and marketing and technical service personnel.

During the day, Dr Jackwood visited the production facilities (CIAMER), the R&D centre, as well as Hipra’s diagnostic service (Diagnos) and animal experimentation centre (CEYC).

Daral Jackwood is known internationally for using RFLP for molecular classification of the various Gumboro viruses. He remains at the forefront of research on Gumboro virus and prevention of the disease and has conducted several studies on the use of VLP (virus-like particles) as vaccine antigens.

The collaboration between Dr Jackwood and Hipra includes outstanding papers such as the chapter on “Advances in the molecular diagnosis of Gumboro disease” included in the White Book of Gumboro, the study of HIPRA’s vaccines against Gumboro based on their molecular classification and, finally, in vitro protection projects.

With this activity Hipra strengthened its commitment to prevention for animal health in the poultry sector.

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