‘High return on investment of Nor-Spice AB’

26-05-2015 | | |
‘High return on investment of Nor-Spice AB’

According to Nor-Feed a recent trial inThailand confirms a high return on investment of Nor-Spice AB. This premixture of additives based on citrus extracts generates a R.O.I of 3:1 in broilers, the trial shows.

In January 2015, the BARC (Bangkok Animal Research Center) experimental farm hosted a trial made on 3 groups of chicken each one including 6 pens of 12 birds, during a 42 day-period.

  • The first group (positive control) received a standard feed;
  • The second one (negative control), a ration with less energy (-7%) and less amino acids (-5%);
  • The third one (Nor-Spice AB group), this same impoverished ration supplemented with 250 ppm of Nor-Spice AB.

The trial was designed to measure the impact of a low-cost ration on performances (ADG, FCR, mortality…) and that of the Nor-Spice AB in-feed supplementation.


Compared to negative control, the Nor-Spice AB group showed:

A better Feed Conversion Ratio (+1.2%)A reduced mortality (-50% and -33% vs positive control)

Eventually, taking into account the feed cost (1), Nor-Spice AB cost and the price of the kilogram of chicken carcass (2), Nor-Spice AB leads to a return on investment of 3:1, says Nor-Feed.

1. The cost of feed per kg and according to the group is the following:

– Positive control: 15.56 THB (i.e. € 0.389)

– Negative control: 13.65 THB (€ 0.341)

– Negative control + Nor-Spice AB: 13.75 THB (€ 0.341)

– With 1 € = 40thb

2. Price of chicken: 40 THB / kg (about € 1)