Ikea changes poultry sourcing policy

22-02-2019 | | |
Photo: Ikea
Photo: Ikea

Swedish homeware retailer Ikea has announced a raft of changes to its poultrymeat sourcing policy.

It has had a long-running dispute with an number of animal rights groups over its policies after winning a Compassion in World Farming “Good Chicken” award in 2012, but subsequently withdrew from the scheme.

But now Ikea has said it will make a series of changes to its supply base by 2025 in a campaign it calls the “Better Chicken Programme”.

These changes will be phased in, with a number of adjustments such as a 30kg/sqm stocking density and no routine use of antibiotics in place by 2020. By 2025 it hopes to be using higher welfare breeds, offering birds natural light in barns and phasing out the highest priority antibiotics.

Jacqueline Macalister, health & sustainability manager, IKEA Food Services AB said:

“Following 2 years of research and development, I’m delighted we now are sharing the Better Chicken Programme, the first of our sustainable agriculture initiatives for farm animals, which demonstrates our commitment to driving positive change in the food industry.”

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist