Mixed use of vaccines against Infectious Bronchitis

27-03-2015 | | |
Mixed use of vaccines against Infectious Bronchitis

MSD Animal Health announced that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) of the European Medicines Agency has adopted a positive opinion for the mixed use of NOBILIS® IB 4-91 and NOBILIS IB Ma5 for poultry 1 day-old onwards.

The vaccines protect poultry against a wide range of infectious bronchitis variant viruses, one of the major poultry pathogens in Europe. If adopted, the new labeling for combination use of the vaccines will provide producers in Europe with a convenient and efficient option for extending protection against the virus, says MSD.

Economic losses for poultry producers

“Infectious bronchitis virus can lead to respiratory disease, kidney problems and drops in egg production, causing significant economic losses for poultry producers,” said Dr. Rik Koopman, MSD Animal Health Technical Director. “We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of solutions for poultry producers, and are pleased to offer the mixed use of NOBILIS IB 4-91 and NOBILIS IB Ma5 for poultry 1 day-old onwards to enhance protection of their flocks.”

Protection against infectious bronchitis

Mixed use of the vaccines will provide an extension of MSD Animal Health’s PROTECTOTYPE™ poultry vaccination program for managing the occurrence of multiple sero-types of infectious bronchitis virus in broiler, breeder and layer flocks. The program maximizes protection against infectious bronchitis through the combination of individual vaccines. The resulting cross protection also helps ensure healthier flocks with better performance, increased uniformity, and improved gain and feed performance.

Details of the product will be described in the summary of product characteristics (SPC) which will be published in the European public assessment report (EPAR) and will be available after the marketing authorisation has been granted by the European Commission.