MSD launches poultry respiratory health program

28-08-2013 | | |
MSD launches poultry respiratory health program
MSD launches poultry respiratory health program

MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) officially launched its Convenience Program, at the XVIIIth Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association in Nantes, France.

The Convenience Program, that will help the poultry industry control respiratory diseases starting at the hatchery, improving their vaccination process and performance enhancement, is designed to meet the farmers’ current and future needs for process improvement and performance enhancement.

“Today, more than 70% of the broilers produced worldwide reach their targeted weight of 2.5 Kg at 42 days of age and the growth curve is speeding due to continuous genetic evolution, better feed formulation and stronger health conditions” , said Laura Villarreal, MSD global marketing director. “It is estimated that by 2020, the same number of broilers will reach that weight in 35 days, a full week less. This shortened growth cycle will reduce the time available for field vaccinations and mean there is no more time for vaccine failures and reactions.”

The Convenience Program starts in the hatchery; with choosing the right combinations of vaccines and the most favourable route of application. Together these factors reduce stress and improve the birds’ breathing from the beginning. “Conventional respiratory vaccines themselves may reduce flock performance due to reactions or cause incomplete protection and insufficient duration of immunity,” said Dr Rik Koopman, MSD global technical director.

The method of vaccine timing introduced through the Convenience Program is to combine in-ovo and day-old vaccination application. This provides earlier and longer protection. MSD Animal Health has developed an effective range of vaccines with biological behaviours that allows them to be combined, without losing efficacy, and without producing adverse reactions.

To help implement the Convenience Program, MSD Animal Health will provide extensive support to ensure it delivers maximum impact on flock performance both in terms of flock health and cost savings. Respiratory disease protection is more than convenience; it is about efficacy and superior performance. With the Convenience Program, respiratory protection begins in the hatchery and so do the benefits.