Multi-carbohydrase effective for poultry and pigs

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Multi-carbohydrase effective for poultry and pigs
Multi-carbohydrase effective for poultry and pigs

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) has launched the multi-carbohydrase technology, designed to deliver higher nutritional extraction from a wide range of raw materials, used in pig and poultry diets.

The company has done several studies with the enzyme product, part of the Superzyme series. Swine trial data results show 11% improvement in average daily gain and 15% improvement in feed conversion ratio for newly weaned pigs (multi-carbohydrase vs. untreated control). Poultry trial data results show 2.7% improvement in body weight gain and 3.2% improvement in feed conversion ratio (multi-carbohydrase vs. untreated control, using corn-soy diets).

“The multi-carbohydrase technology embedded in Superzyme is different from other ‘NSP’ enzymes and ‘enzyme cocktails. This technology utilizes multiple unique enzyme strains that express multiple activities, as opposed to blending single-source enzymes together. Theses enzyme activities are painstakingly identified, researched and developed to ensure they complement one another seamlessly and deliver a high level of both individual and synergistic benefits,” says Rob Patterson, director of technical services with CBS Inc.

This adds value to feed, reduces potential waste and presents a new way to gain a competitive advantage and enhanced profitability, says Dr Bodgan Slominski, head of a long-standing research program in Western Canada that investigates the potential of novel feed ingredients. “Multi-carbohydrase technology represents the leading-edge of our science-based knowledge on the most effective use of feed enzymes,” says Slominski. “It leverages what we have learned from many years of research to offer a much more comprehensive and sophisticated option than traditional approaches.”

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor