Novasil Plus now available directly from BASF

21-01-2013 | | |
Novasil Plus now available directly from BASF

Novasil Plus, a feed additive effective against aflatoxins, has been in the market place for years is now available directly from BASF, as of January 2013.

Novasil Plus can be used in two ways, depending on its registration status in each country: as an anticaking agent for enhancing the flow properties of feed or feed ingredients, or for specifically binding aflatoxins, which are the deadliest mycotoxins. Aflatoxins can occur in all grains, posing huge risks to animal health.

Novasil Plus, which is easy to add to feed, effectively binds aflatoxins during the digestive process, which makes them largely unavailable for absorption by the animal. In contrast to other types of mycotoxin binders, the binding activity of Novasil Plus is absolutely reliable and independent of the pH value in the gut. It does not bind valuable nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of feed.

It consists of naturally occurring high-purity calcium bentonite clay. It has been available in the market since the early 1990s. BASF acquired the US production site when it bought Engelhard in 2006. Until the end of 2012, BASF sold Novasil Plus exclusively to one customer only. Novasil Plus is currently registered as a mycotoxin binder in some but not all countries. In the US and EU (27) it is also registered as an anti-caking agent.