Novus launches new probiotic for poultry industry

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Novus launches new probiotic for poultry industry
Novus launches new probiotic for poultry industry

Novus International, recently announced the launch of Sporulin Direct-Fed Microbial (DFM) for the poultry industry.

This new DFM was developed at the University of Arkansas after five years of research and is currently manufactured by Pacific Vet Group-USA. Novus has the exclusive distribution rights in most markets around the world.

The research behind the development of Sporulin involved screening literally millions of potential isolates against rigorous selection criteria, followed by extensive laboratory and field testing. The result was a unique, proprietary blend of three specifically selected strains of Bacillus subtilis that work well in combination and, more importantly, perform well in the animal. Sporulin delivers the optimal blend of a perfected combination of spores to just the right location in the gut, leading to optimised feed converĀ¬sion, maximised health and improved food safety.

Sporulin, is a custom-designed, purpose-built probiotic for modern poultry production and has a positive effect on Clostridium spp. and Salmonella spp.

In field tests among broilers and turkeys, the product has been shown to help maximise weight gain, optimise feed conversion, have a positive effect on Clostridium perfringens in commercial poultry and decrease the incidence of food safety associated pathogens.

Source: Novus

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