“UK supermarkets misled about GM soy availability”

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UK supermarkets misled about GM soy availability
UK supermarkets misled about GM soy availability

UK supermarkets could have been misled about the availability non-GM soy claims ABRANGE, the Association of Non-GMO grain producers.

The association which oversees over 5 million metric tons of Non-GMO soy and soy derivatives imported into Europe and the UK annually, have stated they were puzzled by four United Kingdom retailers’ decision to switch from Non-GMO to GMO soy for the reason of lack of supply and concerns expressed about product integrity.

“We believe the retailers’ decisions have been based upon incorrect information. Since December last year, one of the large suppliers of Non-GMO soy to the UK has been communicating to the market and engaging directly with retailers that they would no longer be supplying Non-GMO soy because future supply could not be assured.

“This assertion is, however, not accurate. This year, Brazil has enjoyed a record soybean harvest over 82 million metric tons, bigger than the United States and definitely large enough to more than provide Europe’s entire soy meal demand, including the United Kingdom’s. The percentage of Non-GMO soy is estimated to be around 25% of the current crop.

“The current situation, which United Kingdom retailers have been lead to believe is due to reduced quantities and availability of Non-GMO soy actually has nothing to do with the soy being GMO or Non-GMO; it is the result of a slow down in Brazilian exports, which is due to increased pressure on Brazilian export facilities caused by increased demand for all types of exports from Brazil. This situation is temporary, as exporters are actively seeking solutions to circumvent the export slow down.

“A recent poll by the FSA indicated that 67% of UK citizens prefer milk, eggs, poultry and meat produced with non-GMO feed. In light of this, it is surprising that UK retailers have used the current, temporary shipping slowdown, and the consequent temporary increase in the cost of all soy (GM and Non-GM) as the basis for shifting to GM soy for animal feed”.