2010 Scottish Egg Champions named

31-12-2010 | |

An Ayrshire family are Scottish Egg Champions, winning a competition sponsored by Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) and feed compounders BOCM Pauls for the second time. The Scottish Egg Quality Awards encourage the pursuit of excellence in egg quality and benchmark standards that are realistic and achievable.

Former milkman Jim Smillie and his wife Anne, who are helped by their younger son Ross and elder son James, beat 21 other entrants. Entries came from both conventional cage and free-range production systems. SAC carried out quality assessments on 8 key factors, shell colour, egg weight, yolk colour, albumen quality, shell thickness, freedom from meat and blood spots, external appearance and packaging.

The Smillie’s 20,000 layers are split into six flocks, providing eggs of all sizes all year round. The eggs, sold under the “Corrie Mains Free Range Eggs” brand are graded and packed in a new, on-farm packing station. They are retailed direct to shops within a 90-mile radius using distinctive vans.

The Smillies will hold the Championship shield for a year.

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