4th Int’l Workshop on the assessment of Animal Welfare

22-10-2007 | |
4th Int’l Workshop on the assessment of Animal Welfare

The 4th International Workshop on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level will take place in Ghent, Belgium, from 10-13 September, 2008.

The combination of congress and workshops will be of interest to scientists, practitioners and other stakeholders involved in the assessment of welfare of farmed, laboratory and other animals housed and managed in groups.
Topics will include:
-Development, validation and automated measurements of indicators of animal welfare
-Development and improvement of welfare assessment protocols
-Application of welfare assessment protocols
-Assessing emotional state
-Improving animal welfare by adapting animals to their environment
-Assessing health status of groups of animals in relation to welfare
-Stakeholders’ views on animal welfare
The congress organisers would like to receive ideas for workshops. Scientists and practitioners from all related disciplines are encouraged to send proposals to Paul Koene at paul.koene@wur.nl, or to submit a proposal on-line from December 1st onwards.
Abstract submission
Abstracts are invited for oral and posters presentations and also for workshops, and can be submitted on-line from December 1st.
For more information regarding the Workshop, visit www.wafl2008.com

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