$500,000 solar project for poultry industry

20-04-2007 | |

A solar electric system at a poultry growout house owned by Allen Family Foods, US, has officially opened.

This new system supplies all electricity necessary for lighting, heat and ventilation used to raise day-old-chicks to maturity, and will significantly reduce Allen’s electricity costs.
The innovative system is connected to the grid to earn net metering credits. Solar electricity stored in batteries can be tapped if the grid fails, or used when utility rates are most expensive. In the event there is no solar, battery or grid power, the system automatically triggers backup diesel generation of electricity.
Because the cost of grid electricity has risen so high over the past few years, the poultry industry is looking at solar power as a cost effective, sustainable energy source.
The Delaware Green Energy Program granted $250,000 to help fund the system, and the University of Delaware will monitor the project.
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