85 poultry workers face salmonella infection

06-07-2007 | |

A mass of infection has occurred at a poultry processing plant as an outbreak of salmonella places 85 workers on the sick list.

Ptisifabrika Mirnovska chicken meat factory in Ukraine’s central Cherkassy region has been hit by a mass infection of salmonella.
About 10 of the workers at the plant who were hit by the illness were listed in moderate condition at a regional hospital. The other 75 workers suffered from a less serious dose of the disease. It is expected that all the workers will make a full recovery.
Company management investigating the incident said that a possible cause of the outbreak was omelettes served at the plant cafeteria.
According to a Ministry of Emergency Situations official, health authorities were closely monitoring chicken meat produced by the factory, and as yet had not found evidence of salmonella.