ABC and ISA join forces in the US and Japan

30-01-2009 | |

On January 28, ABC Holding Group LLC, USA and Hendrix Genetics Ltd, Canada, on behalf of ISA North America have signed a consultancy agreement with the objective to improve ISA’s market position in the US and Japan.

ABC-Holding Group LLC is a newly established company owned by Andy Hansen, Bob Kreider and Chris Hansen. ABC will focus on the further development of ISA’s business in the US and Japan, as an addition to the already existing sales channels.

Andy Hansen of ABC Holding Group: “The egg industry in the US and Japan needs easy access to the diverse genetics that ISA provides. Several large egg producers and hatcheries in both countries have approached us to make this happen. We have talked with ISA the past few months and are impressed with the quality of their products, people and organisation. Together we will deliver what the egg industry needs”.

Servé Hermans, Managing Director of ISA: “The ABC-group represents a synergy of talents, abilities, education and experience, all combined with a passion to succeed. Their knowledge of both markets and the good contacts they have in the egg industry in the US and Japan makes me feel very confident that we will be able to create a balance in the supply of layer chicks to the egg industry in both countries”.

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