ABCA to reveal new view of selenium yeast at VIV Asia

03-03-2015 | |
ABCA to reveal new view of selenium yeast at VIV Asia

ABCA is once again attending the VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand from 11-13 March. Besides showing the latest developments in its specialist yeast product portfolio, ABCA will present why a new addition to the products providing supplementary organic selenium should be viewed as the next generation of selenium yeast.

A new scientific paper from senior academic Prof. Wayne Bryden, ‘Seleniun Biochemistry and Bioavalability –An Update’ reveals how a new generation of organic selenium containing predominantly ‘Selenohomolanthionine’ obtained from a proprietary strain of Torula yeast is rewriting scientist knowledge about selenium yeast.

Boosting selenium status in livestock

It is apparent that Selenomethionine is not the only effective form of organic selenium in feed supplementation. In independent trials, ‘Selenohomolanthionine’ (AB-Tor-Sel) has been shown to have a greater effect in boosting the selenium status in livestock and with potential benefits of wider and more sustainable distribution of the element in the body tissues. Prof. Bryden is the Professor Animal Science at The University of Queensland, Australia and also is the editor-in-chief of Animal Production Science.

Technical session on breakthrough information to be held

ABCA will hold a short technical session at ABCA’s booth F013, Hall 103 on 11 March at 3.00pm. Damian Moore, independent technical nutritional consultant (co-author of this paper) will be presenting some of this breakthrough information, summarised in his topic ‘Selenohomolanthionine – changing organic selenium mindset’.

Light refreshments will be served. Visit ABCA’s booth at VIV Asia 2015, in BITEC Bangkok on 11-13 March (Hall 103 , Booth #F013) for more information.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World