Agrilight introduces poultry barn light

19-05-2009 | |
Agrilight introduces poultry barn light

Agrilight b.v. introduces a new fixture, the Agriled®, which it believes is the next step in the evolution of barn lightning.

The Agriled® Blue is the first fixture in the market that is equipped with integrated LED trapping light for poultry. By combining an energy saving lamp and LED light in one fixture, Agrilight combines the best of both lighting worlds, says the company.

“With the development of the AGRILED® we are at the beginning of a whole new generation of barn lighting fixtures,” said a company press release.

Durable LED technology

The Agriled® Blue, specifically for poultry, is equipped with 6 powerLEDs. These produce a monochromatic blue light used as trapping light. By integration of this trapping light it is no longer necessary to install two separate fixtures. This provides a considerable profit in time and installation costs.

By using only one instead of two fixtures the cleaning will also be done much quicker. Furthermore, the used LED technology provides pleasant lighting for working in the barn. Because of inventive placing of the powerLED’s one will not be blinded when looking into the fixture.

Unique is that the LED’s can be dimmed and that the light level, which is already limited through the LED technology, can be lessened even further. In different situations of catching or releasing of the poultry the light level can be adjusted at the users own insight.

In short, Agrilight combines in the AGRILED® technological innovation, durability and animal well-being in a unique way, says the company.

Uniform light distribution

This new light is equipped with the patented AL2007 reflector, which has already proven itself on providing an optimal and uniform light distribution in the barn. An uniform light distribution has a proven positive effect on animal well-being.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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