Agromek holds special interest for poultry producers

21-10-2008 | |
Agromek holds special interest for poultry producers

An important range of technology and production aids, approved New Product exhibits and methods for reducing odour and ammonia emissions from poultry houses will be in focus for egg and broiler farmers at Agromek.

New know-how and an impressive presentation of installations, fittings, technology and production aids for application in poultry houses will be in focus when egg and broiler farmers visit Agromek in Herning, Denmark, from 25-29 November 2008.
Six of those companies exhibiting at Agromek have specialised their production and sales towards poultry farmers. Products involve feeding systems, drinker systems and installations and fittings for treatment and handling of eggs.
However, there are plenty of products for poultry farmers at many more of the 580 exhibitors that will be present at the show.
More than 40 of those exhibitors of interest to poultry farmers also have products which are directed at other livestock farmers. For example, there are management systems, feed silos, ventilation systems, alarm systems, control systems, bedding/litter and products for combating flies, rats and mice.
In addition, there are approx. 160 exhibitors with products for more general applications. These include a wide range of buildings, building components, cleaning agents, information, consultancy and educational services plus financing, insurance/assurance and communication equipment plus products for the production of energy and heating.
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