Aid for poultry producers in Mozambique

20-07-2006 | |

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) will give 11,120 metric tons of wheat to TechnoServe, a private voluntary organisation, for use in Mozambique.

TechnoServe will sell the wheat and use the proceeds to help poultry farmers expand their capacity through technical assistance and training, including training for large-scale producers in poultry production, quality certification, factory management, bio-security and disease prevention.

Additionally, TechnoServe will assist government ministries in improving analysis of policy, regulatory and administrative issues facing poultry industry competitiveness. The proceeds from the sale of the wheat will also be used to assist with a media advertising campaign to promote improved market access for domestic poultry.

The Food for Progress program provides for donations of agricultural commodities to needy countries to encourage economic or agricultural reforms that foster free enterprise. This year, the USDA expects to donate 560,000 tons of US commodities to 28 countries under Food for Progress.