Alleged chicken fighting operation raided

19-03-2008 | |

US authorities have reportedly raided a chicken fighting operation. About 300 chickens were seizes during the operation. The property’s owner was also arrested on animal cruelty charges.

At the scene in Navarro County on Saturday, 15 March, 196 people pleaded guilty to gambling charges before Navarro County Justice of the Peace Connie Mayfield.
On arrival, officers found 250-300 people gathered in a large outbuilding, conducting chicken fights. Bleachers were also found, as well as multiple rooms to hold the birds waiting to fight, and a concession stand. Authorities stated that participants had come from as far as Louisiana and Oklahoma.
Additionally, US$170,000 in cash was seized, as well as several guns, illegal narcotics and “enough alcohol to fill the back of a pickup,” said a media release. Officials with the Dallas chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals collected about 300 chickens, until Judge Mayfield can decide what to do with them.

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