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29-10-2010 | |

A majority of poultry specilalists believe in the importance of R&D. Moreover they see the benefits of the upcoming EU cage ban for animal welfare, but think that it will also have negative effects. These were some conclusions of a poll at the poultry solutions conference of Alltech in Ireland, earlier this week.

72% of leading nutritionists, veterinarians and other industry experts believe that R&D in the poultry industry is vital for progress in the current market. In addition 65% stated that the EU cage ban to improve animal welfare may actually increase the incidence of salmonella levels in laying hens. A further 45% believe that meat and bone meal may be reintroduced back into poultry diets. The conclusions were the results of an opinion poll conducted during Alltech’s poultry solutions seminar on ‘Modern Animal Production – Turning Challenges into Opportunities’ held at Alltech’s European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland.

A panel of six international industry experts presented their views and participated in question and answer sessions with the attendees on current industry issues:
•    Global Outlook for Poultry Production – What Does the Future Hold? Mr. Jon Ratcliff, F.A.C.S. Ltd., UK.
•    Total Replacement – Time for Implementation. Dr. James Pierce, Associate Director of Research, Alltech, USA.
•    A Climate of Change for Agriculture. Dr. Marijke Meul, University College Ghent, Belgium.
•    What Opportunities has the Crisis Given Us? Dr. Karl Dawson, Director of Worldwide Research, Alltech, USA.
•    Living with Legislation: Restrictions or Opportunities? Dr. Naomi de Bruijn, Veterinarian, Poultry Health Department GD Deventer, Belgium.
•    Diagnosing from the Inside Out. Professor Elizabeth Santin, Federal University of Panama, Brazil.
Delegates and speakers participated in confidential electronic surveys on the current situation and the future of the European poultry industry.
•    52% of respondents indicated that they are concerned about the contamination of in-organic minerals. 
•    47% agreed that chicken is in fact the greenest meat followed by fish, beef and pork respectively.
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