Alltech launches Graduate Program 2012

04-05-2012 | |

Alltech founder Dr Pearse Lyons has launched the Alltech Graduate Development Program which will recruit up to 20 applicants annually from around the world and prepare them for future managerial and leadership positions in the global agribusiness company.

The graduates will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top specialists in the fields of science, aquaculture, marketing, veterinary science, IT, business and biotechnology. The Program will be an integral part of the company’s overall growth strategy, fuelling the pipeline of executives to further the direction of Alltech’s business opportunities.

“As an entrepreneur I come up with new ideas for my business daily. As Alltech continues to grow, towards a $4 billion company, I need the right people in my organisation to implement and add value to these ideas,” said Lyons. “I am personally committed to this Program which will help young graduates at a time when economic and employment opportunities are diminished. This Program will give the best, brightest and most driven graduates the chance to learn, lead, innovate and flourish.”

“We believe that the graduates recruited today will make the strategic decisions of tomorrow,” said Program leader and Alltech vice president, Asia-Pacific, Steve Bourne “It’s not just about knowledge it’s about experiential learning. The Alltech Graduate Development Program will give graduates the opportunity to gain valuable business skills in an environment where they are in a position to anticipate and take ownership of emerging issues in global agriculture and consumer health and food in a business capacity.”

The 12-month, salaried, executive Program will begin with an intensive training period in Alltech’s European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Ireland and Alltech’s Global Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Following this, graduates will continue training and development, while simultaneously managing key company projects, in one of the company’s 128 offices around the world.

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