Alltech poultry seminar to discuss feed efficiency

27-09-2012 | |
Alltech poultry seminar to discuss feed efficiency

As the poultry industry faces a period of further hikes in feed costs, feed efficiency is more important now than ever, as is food safety.

This issues will be discussed during Alltech’s Poultry Solutions Seminar, “The production efficiency and food safety puzzle – where to now?”, which will take place on the 12th of November 2012 in the Copthorne Hotel, Hannover, Germany.

Eminent academics and industry experts will discuss new, smarter feeding programmes such as the use of econometrics to control costs and programming birds for greater efficiencies in later stages of life, through the use of early nutrition.

“In an effort to curb losses, many diet formulators are forced to pursue ‘lowest-cost feed’ policies. However, poultry diets must support intestinal health to allow the bird to get the most out of it,” said chairperson Dr. Peter Spring. “Producers must examine what options can best help them to balance these objectives.”

“The aim of the 2012 Poultry Solutions Seminar is to look at the different options in the industry that limit the effects of pathogens, while retaining productivity,” said Alltech vice president Patrick Charlton. “Addressing this complex challenge is essential now, as the demand for poultry products will continue to increase and feed costs look to remain unpredictable.”

A panel of renowned experts will present their views and participate in question and answer sessions.