Alltech’s symposium focusing on sustainability

16-02-2009 | |

The 25th edition of the annual Alltech Symposium, held 17-20 May, will focus on finding answers to some of the major issues facing the animal feed industry such as rising feed costs, managing in a time of crisis, sustaining and growing business in the current environment.

‘The Sustainability Principle – securing long term profitability in a period of crisis’ is the theme for the company’s 25th edition of the symposium. This meeting will take place in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. The meeting will comprise both industry and species-specific presentations as well as interactive sessions where professionals from around the world can exchange ideas and strategies and offer solutions to forge a brighter future for the animal nutrition industry.

Medal of excellence

The company’s medal of excellence will be awarded to Dr David Byrne, former EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection. Byrne will also take part in the Plenary Session where he will discuss Crisis Management in today’s environment and will challenge our industry to meet, what he calls, the ‘PACE Principle’, i.e. to achieve long-term profitability while continuing to be conscious of animal welfare, responsive to consumer needs and environmentally friendly.

Boxing champion

To mark the 25th year of this industry event, a living icon and superbrand – former boxing champion Muhammad Ali – will attend the opening session.

During the course of the event, the winner of the company’s global Young Scientist Competition for university students will also be announced.

The company expects over 1000 attendees and the technical programme is complemented with a social programme which encourages interaction and networking.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist