Alpharma (Belgium) opens New Delhi office

25-11-2009 | |
Alpharma (Belgium) opens New Delhi office

On November 21st, the New Delhi Branch Office of Alpharma (Belgium) BVBA was opened in New Delhi.

Alpharma (Belgium) BVBA is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Alpharma products in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The Indian Branch Office will be headed by Dr Tapan Saha, Branch Manager. Dr Saha will head a team of an office assistant and 2 Technical Managers. Together with Dr Saha, the team will continue to implement the Alpharma solution selling philosophy by a strong technical approach of the Indian market.

Alpharma is involved in the treatment and prevention of diseases in food producing animals, with a particular strength in enteric and respiratory diseases. The majority of its products are taken orally, going into feed rather than being administered on an individual basis.










Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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