Alpharma introduces synbiotic poultry feed supplement

13-01-2010 | |

Alpharma Animal Health has begun sales and marketing of its novel new poultry feed additive, Profloraâ„¢, which is designed to optimize the gut environment and support favourable microflora populations, improving poultry performance and production.

Proflora is a unique poultry feed supplement that combines a direct-fed microbial (DFM) with a prebiotic. The combination is known as a “synbiotic.”
The product contains:
  1. A live, direct-fed microbial probiotic – the highly researched and patented QST 713 strain of Bacillus subtilis; and
  2. A yeast-extract prebiotic called Beta Mos®, which provides nutrition-enhancing ß-mannan oligosaccharides and ß-glucans.
“It is the synergistic effect of the DFM in combination with the prebiotic that has proven so effective in attaining and maintaining peak conditions in the avian intestinal tract,” says Layne Asay, Director of Strategic Marketing, Alpharma.
“Each of the two components provides specific benefits to the gut environment that, together, helps elevate nutrient utilization by poultry, thereby lowering production costs.”
Reducing necrotic enteritis
In addition to enhancing nutrient use, Proflora also has been demonstrated to reduce the negative effects of necrotic enteritis challenge (Clostridium perfringens) on performance, mortality and lesion scores.
As a non-drug, non-antibiotic feed supplement, Proflora can serve as an adjunct to existing medicated feed programs, or as a non-antibiotic alternative for operations producing birds for specialized markets.
Stable in processing
The synbiotic is compatible with feed-based coccidiosis control programs and coccidiosis vaccines, and be used concurrently with feed antibiotics and water medications. It is stable in pelleted feeds and requires no withdrawal period before slaughter.
Alpharma Animal Health has a patent pending that covers the combination product and its use with anti-coccidial vaccines and select anti-coccidial premix products.
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