Amsterdam’s coffeeshops opt for happy hens

05-10-2007 | |
Amsterdam’s coffeeshops opt for happy hens

The famous Amsterdam coffeeshops in Holland are turning to free-range eggs for their “spacecakes”.

Coffeeshops in Holland are aiming to reduce the suffering of chickens by turning to free-range chicken eggs used to make cake specialties, spacecakes, which are baked with marijuana or hashish.
“Coffeeshop owners were completely unaware and shocked that their spacecakes are not animal friendly,” said a spokeswoman for Dutch animal rights group Wakker Dier, campaigning against the use of eggs from chickens kept in cages on battery farms.
According to the organisation, four large shops have already switched to free-range eggs and 20 more plan to follow. The shops use hundreds of eggs each week to satisfy the demand for spacecakes.