Animal activists break into poultry farm

08-11-2006 | |

A group of animal rights activists raided a New Zealand poultry farm at the weekend, taking 20 battery hens in a protest against the animal welfare code.

The group videotaped their raid, which they call the first of many “open rescues” they are planning.
The animal welfare code sets standards for the treatment of battery hens, but activists claim it is inhumane.
The activists claim that a parliamentary committee found that battery cages were in breach of the Animal Welfare Act but the government has failed to act on it.
Head of the NZ Ministry for Agriculture Jim Anderton declined to comment, saying it was a criminal matter and should be dealt with by police.
Police confirmed that the affected premis, Turk’s Poultry Farm, had laid a complaint, saying that the stolen hens were worth NZ$200.
Police Sergeant Belinda Dewar said an investigation is under way. Offenders will be dealt by their hometown police.