Animal remains reintroduced as poultry feed

04-06-2007 | |
Animal remains reintroduced as poultry feed

Testing by European scientists is underway to reintroduction animal remains into feed for pigs and poultry following proposals by an EU advisory group.

The practice of including animal remains into feed was banned in the EU in 2000 following the spread of BSE. It is likely that the reintroduction of this practice will alarm the public, as well as processors, who have not yet fully recovered from the crisis.
The EU advisory group, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), is spending approximately €1.7 million to fund research programmes by 12 scientific institutes.
According to a minute from a committee meeting, pig meal should be allowed for chickens and that chicken remains should be fed to pigs.
“The EESC suggests that the European Commission pursue and step up as swiftly as possible the studies currently underway, which clearly show that the use of meat meal from non-ruminants can be used in pig and poultry feed without posing any danger to human health,” it reads.
In UK, where the BSE crisis began, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed their awareness of the study, but had no involvement.
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