Applications now open: prize for young talent in agriculture

09-08-2006 | |

Applications are now open for the 20th International Prize for the Advancement of Young Talent in Agriculture and the Food Industry, sponsored by Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (the German Agricultural Society).

The scholarship prize aims to give young specialists the opportunity to gain qualifications beyond their immediate area of expertise. This in turn empowers them to generate new impetus for development in both the agricultural and food industry sectors.
The prize is aimed at agricultural practitioners and young entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector and the upstream and downstream branches of the economy; junior professionals who are active in the agricultural sector, in professional organisations, cooperatives or in private enterprises acting as suppliers and outlets for agricultural markets, as well as in processing industries and food plants or agricultural administrations and related areas; graduates of universities and technical colleges focusing on the fields of agriculture, agricultural technology, nutrition and home economics, forestry and the lumber industry or veterinary medicine.
Prerequisites for an application are above-average professional achievement and commitment, foreign-language proficiency, honourary involvement in the given professional field, sound communication skills and an interest in international cooperation. Candidates are generally nominated by professional organisations, universities, technical colleges or by other appropriate institutions or persons.
The DLG Prize is awarded in two categories:
• The Junior Prize of €2,500 is geared to young experts aged 18 to 24 who are still undergoing professional training.
• The Further Education Prize of €4,000 is for young experts aged 24 to 36, who have completed their professional training or who will do so shortly.
Applications can be submitted until 13 October, 2006. Visit the Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft website or email Johannes Ritz.

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