Arasco Foods chooses for HatchTech 3 in 1 concept

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Arasco Foods, Saudi Arabia, and HatchTech have signed an agreement for the delivery of 3 HatchTech productlines. Arasco will double their current hatchery capacity with HatchTech MicroClimer setters and hatchers to 99 mln eggs per year. Besides, they will also incorporate HatchTraveller into their transport fleet for day old chicks. Moreover, Arasco will put the first HatchBrood facility in Saudi Arabia into operation.

Doubling incubation facility
After completion, the hatchery, located close to Riyadh, will hold 40 MicroClimer setters 126720 and 24 MicroClimer hatchers 42240, with a total production capacity of 99 mln eggs/year. HatchTech will also deliver a climate control and water management system.
Mr Sulaiman M. AL-Quhidan, CFO & President of Arasco Foods: “We think that the MicroClimer technology of laminar airflow and temperature control in 6 sections will result in perfect embryo temperature control and as a result good chick quality. We have therefore also decided to start working with HatchTravellers and the new HatchBrood system, which are based on the same technology.”

Chick transport with HatchTraveller
Arasco also signed an agreement for the delivery of 2 HatchTravellers, with a capacity of 76,800 chicks each. Especially in Saudi Arabia, where outside temperatures can vary from + 50°C during the day and -2°C during the night, a transportation system that does not depend on external temperature conditions to control the internal truck
environment, works very well.
HatchTech has applied the MicroClimer technology to the HatchTraveller, to ensure that body temperatures of the chicks will stay at 104°F. Even during long distances and with extreme outside temperatures, the quality of the chicks is safeguarded. By delivering the HatchTravellers to Arasco, a total of 12 HatchTravellers will be in
use in the Kingdom.

First HatchBrood facility in Saudi Arabia
Arasco Foods also decided to install the first HatchBrood facility in Saudi Arabia. During the first days of a chick’s life, the brooding period, the chick cannot regulate its body temperature. Especially in Saudi Arabia, with extreme outside temperatures, it is difficult to achieve uniform environmental conditions during the brooding period. HatchBrood provides a controlled air temperature and air velocity, which assures optimum chick body temperatures for all chicks. In the system, chicks have access to fresh water, air and feed.

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