Arbor Acres seminar for Korea Grand Parent Breeder customers

30-12-2011 | |

Korea Grand Parent Breeder and Arbor Acres co-hosted a successful technical seminar in October attended by 40 customers on the latest technical advice and continued improvement of parent stock management at the Westopia Golf and Resort in Boryeong, Korea.

The seminar was led by Mark Wright, Technical Service Manager, Arbor Acres in Asia and covered presentations on the most critical aspects of attaining premium performance in Arbor Acres Plus parent stock. The seminar agenda had dedicated presentations and discussion on optimising fertility, key focus and successful management of birds into production and effective management practices to ensure good bodyweight control throughout production.

The attendees were from five Korean integrated poultry companies, CherryBro Co., Ltd, Dong Woo, Inc., Ace Integration, Busung Livestock and Chongchung Farm and together represent an important segment with the total production of over four million broilers per week in the domestic market.

Korea Grandparent Breeders started business about 10 years ago and commenced placing Arbor Acres Plus grandparents in 2004. Their business has been successful and grown significantly in that time as they continue to service an expanding customer base in Korea with Arbor Acres breeding stock to supply a developed market where the broilers are grown to weights of 1.5 to 1.8 kilograms all processed for consumption.

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