Aus: Backyard chickens popular as egg prices rise

26-08-2008 | |
Aus: Backyard chickens popular as egg prices rise

More and more chickens can be seen in Australian suburban backyards as a growing number of city residents adopt chickens to provide eggs.

According to companies that sell egg-laying chickens to suburban home owners, business has jumped about 70% over the past year.
It has been reported that demand is continuing at a steady pace, and that city residents will soon be able to adopt ex-battery hens to beat the rising egg costs.
Ingrid Dimock, owner of the backyard chicken and coop specialist City Chicks, said that she sold over 2,500 chickens since starting 12 months ago. She says that people are buying chickens because of the rising cost of eggs and groceries. It also seems to becoming a trend.
In Brisbane, home owners may keep up to 6 chickens on a property under 800 sq m, and no permit is needed. No roosters are allowed. On the Sunshine Coast there is no limit, provided the owners offer the birds “minimum requirements”. On the Gold Coast, chickens cannot be kept on properties smaller than 800 sq m and roosters on those under 4000sq m, although laws are under review to allow chickens on smaller blocks.
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