Aus: Poultry group expands into beef, pork

27-03-2009 | |

The Australia poultry group Bartter Enterprises is expanding its Steggles brand into beef and pork products for the first time, according to a report in the publication, AusFoodNews.

Bartter considers the expansion of this range to be a key step in broadening the business.

The new range from Bartter, Australia’s second-largest chicken producer, incorporates small finger-food products, including 2 beef lines and 1 pork option. Steggles is working closely with Woolworths on the launch of these products. Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain and these products will be supported by in-store promotions and advertising in the Woolworths’ ‘Fresh’ magazine.

This switch to beef and pork by Bartter Enterprises comes at a time when market researcher IRI has discovered that many manufacturers are cutting back on new products to the detriment of their future success, while consumers are being drawn to familiar brands.

The company recommended manufacturers to embark on an enhanced brand extension strategy to capitalise on the awareness of their brands as consumers experiment on anything beyond their label.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist