Australian residents infected with salmonella

17-04-2007 | |

Three residents at a Melbourne nursing home who have been struck with gastroenteritis are infected with salmonella, despite denials of a food poisining outbreak.

The death toll at the Melbourne nursing home, Broughton Hall, has risen to five, and tests have confirmed traces of the potentially lethal bug in two elderly residents. The illness affected 21 residents at the home.
The Department of Human Services conducted tests of faecal samples, confirming 2 cases of salmonellosis. The outbreak, which occurred during Easter, has claimed 5 lives and left 3 in hospital.
The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency (ACSAA) began a comprehensive audit of the home as it emerged the facility may be in breach of industry standards.
DHS spokesman, Bram Alexander, has confirmed the salmonella cases but said the bacteria had not been identified in tests of food samples taken from the home’s kitchen. But tests are still under way on a second batch of food.
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