Auto Cut-Up Machine – a step above the breast

03-02-2009 | |

JF Equipment introduces the Automatic Cut-Up Machine with individual scanning of each product, combined with a high-speed cutting blade, which the company believes gives you the greatest accuracy in portioning of chicken.

The JF Equipment Automatic Cut-Up Machine is an advanced high-speed dual lane portion cutter designed for high portioning capacity of fixed-weight or length specific poultry products. The machine design uses a high-speed automated system to maintain very high accuracy and still offers top performance with up to 500 cuts per minute. 

The machine is extremely flexible and only takes seconds to switch the knife set back and forth between the different cutting angles. This also makes it easier to achieve the natural look on products such as fixed weight chicken breasts.

Fresh poultry fillets and butterflies can be cut into perfectly shaped fixed weight products, says the company. Switching between different shapes and sizes is an easy quick procedure that takes less than 30 seconds.
JF Equipment, a leading manufacturer of poultry processing machinery in South Africa, will be taking orders for the Automatic Cut-Up Machine from 2009.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist