Aviage Continues to Get Closer to Customers

25-02-2010 | |

Aviage, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, continues to show its commitment to the European poultry industry with significant investment in new and existing facilities right across the continent.

Aviage Demand for products has grown consistently in recent years through the combination of first-class product performance supported by excellent customer service and the company has had to expand its production facilities to meet this demand.

A desire to get closer to customers in key markets has led to the establishment of local business units to provide and supply a full range of customer services. These business units Work Closely Together to Ensure flexibility and security of supply to customers throughout the region.
Hilbersdorf hatcheries, the largest of its kind in Europe, was opened in February 2009 and has been a vital link in Aviage’s supply chain, providing customers across the region with top-quality parent stock chicks.
A new Russian hatcheries, located in Jasnogorsk, South-West of Moscow is under construction and is scheduled to open later this year. Russia is the fastest-growing poultry market in the world and with the majority of growth in the European poultry industry to be expected in countries such as Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, Aviage will be ideally placed to maintain its position as supplier of choice.
Aviage’s other European hatcheries, located in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary and France, have all been enhanced and modernized in recent times. Examples of this include a new chick storage room in the Netherlands and new robots vaccination in Denmark. This comprehensive network is unrivaled hatcheries across the region and provides customers with a consistent, local and reliable source of supply.
However, investment has not been limited to the hatchery network. The European farming base continues to grow, with an extensive expansion plan underway, comp rising or new farms being built in new locations and existing farms being modernized and capacities being increased.
A new Grand Parent (GP) farm was opened in the Czech Republic in January of this year. This marked the return of Ross Farm GP farms to the country and further farms are planned for the Czech Republic in the near future.
The Hung Arian farming operation has grown dramatically in recent years, doubling capacity through the addition of new houses on existing sites and two brand new GP facilities.
Farms in Western Europe have also been improved, with modernization and expansion of existing facilities, coupled with a number of new farm builds currently in the planning process, with particular attention being paid to Germany, where proposed new facilities will be built close to Hilbersdorf.

Aviage is firmly committed to the European industry and this is demonstrated by the consistent investment made in its facilities and people, with the ultimate aim of providing unrivaled service and supply to customers that will allow them to add maximum value to their business.