Aviagen Australian and New Zealand seminar a success

01-04-2011 | |
Aviagen Australian and New Zealand seminar a success

In an Industry first for the region, Aviagen Australia and New Zealand (AANZ) planned and hosted senior poultry executives from almost every company within the region at a 2 day Technical Seminar, held in the Airport Hilton, Melbourne.

The seminar, with over 60 attendees, covered a diverse range of subjects including recommendations from Aviagen and many aspects of production – flock health (IB Focus), biosecurity and vaccination, ventilation, egg handling, nutrition, managing with data, post hatch management, breeder uniformity, breeder and male diets, floor egg management – which were presented by specialists working and located within the region’s extensive Aviagen Asia Technical Team.

The meeting also shared information on the resources and effort being allocated within Aviagen Australia to improve staff training and develop cadetships to attract younger people to a career in the poultry industry. The second day concluded with an in-depth review of the company’s genetic program and a performance update for the future from International Product Manager, Dominic Elfick.

Aviagen also announced its intent to alternate future Technical Seminars with the Biennial Pix Conference, which was enthusiastically received by the audience of attendees.