Aviagen continues to develop in Europe

29-09-2010 | |
Aviagen continues to develop in Europe

Aviagen has reached an agreement to purchase its Swedish distributor, Lantmännen SweChick AB. The company will be renamed Aviagen SweChick AB and will continue to supply Ross Parent Stock to customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

The agreement will see Aviagen SweChick AB assume the ownership and management of existing Grand Parent farms and the PS hatchery at Åstorp, as well as retaining the services of all current employees, ensuring continuity of customer service. Aviagen SweChick AB will continue to be led by Thomas Carlson and his team.

The long-standing relationship between SweChick and Aviagen has proved to be very successful, with Ross products performing extremely well across the territories. SweChick has an unparalleled reputation for the supply of high quality Parent Stock chicks and customer service.

Sweden has rigorous animal health and welfare regulations and the country’s high standards of disease prevention means that it will become an important part of Aviagen’s European production strategy and will help to satisfy the ever-growing demand for Aviagen products throughout Europe and worldwide.

Brian Whittle, Aviagen’s President, European Operations, commented:
“Aviagen SweChick AB is an excellent addition to our network of European companies. They have excellent facilities, a proven track record in producing quality products, a superb reputation in the market and a first-class management team, led by Thomas Carlson. I believe that this move will bring real benefits to customers as together we will be able to give them even more in the way of technical assistance, supported by Aviagen’s worldwide experience of nutrition, flock management, veterinary health and poultry genetics.”

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