Aviagen Czech seminars offer a new perspective

07-09-2010 | |

Aviagen recently held two seminars for their broiler farmers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The events, which took place in Zvíkovské Podhradí and Velké Bílovice focused on practical advice to improve broiler performance.

In total over 100 people attended the two sessions, mainly representatives from Ross broiler growers and feed mills across the two countries. The key speaker at both events was Nigel Joice, a long-standing Ross broiler grower in the UK, who shared his experiences in the UK, providing practical tips and advice, as well as offering an update on the EU Broiler Welfare Directive and its implication on day-to-day management.

Other presenters included Neil Clark, Area Technical Manager, who demonstrated the use of thermal imaging as a tool for assessing house environment and Barrie Fleming, Vet Consultant, who talked about cleaning and disinfection procedures and their importance for successful broiler management

Neil Clark said: “Sharing experience is something we believe is extremely important at Aviagen. These events brought together customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who enjoyed the opportunity to come together to share their expertise and experience and listen to Nigel Joice who, as well as being a very successful poultry farmer is also Vice Chairman of the UK National Farmers Union Poultry Board. Nigel also sits on the Technical Advisory Committee to the Assured Chicken Production so he is extremely knowledgeable and is able to speak as an industry professional and an understanding farmer.”

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